Fighting TMJ Through Functionality

Patients who suffer from the painful symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ or TMD), understand how important it is to find a dentist who understands their situation. Dr. Shefrin focuses his dentistry on each individual’s jaw occlusion. No matter what type of dental services you need, your treatment will always start with an evaluation of your jaw.

When your jaw is misaligned, even slightly, your muscles and nerves can become stressed. If you are experiencing chronic headaches, migraines, unexplained ear pain, jaw clicking or popping, or if you have pain in your neck, shoulders, or back, you may have TMJ. Our team can help determine if your symptoms are related to TMJ dysfunction, and help find the relief you need.

Pankey Trained

Dr. Shefrin is specially trained by the Pankey Institute, which provides advanced dental education to dentists, ensuring that patients receive a lifelong commitment to quality dental care. Dr. Shefrin will evaluate your jaw function, and check for misalignments in your joints that can disrupt your path to complete oral health.



Bruxism and Other Symptoms

Bruxism, or nighttime grinding, can be a symptom of TMJ dysfunction, though many people think it is a standalone issue. Our team treats bruxism cases as part of a larger TMJ therapy plan. Sometimes, patients may not know there is more to their grinding until they see the difference TMJ therapy makes.

Jaw Stability

Our doctor and hygienists believe that making sure the jaw is in its most stable position is the key to treating TMJ dysfunction. Centric relation refers to the position of the jaw that places no stress on the muscles and nerves of the temporomandibular joint. Dr. Shefrin can determine the centric relation position on every patient, and combined with bite splint therapy, can be used to relieve even the most painful TMJ symptoms.

What To Expect

TMJD is treated using bite guards and therapies that utilize our knowledge of how the muscles in your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders work together. Additional tests may be necessary to more accurately diagnose the issues and come up with a treatment plan.

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